Looking for a few creative thinking tools to jump start innovation? Well.... look no further. You've come to the right place.

Created by Idea Champions, an internationally acclaimed innovation consultancy, each of these tools is designed to spark a quantum leap of thought and action. The tools are not magic pills, but they can work magic. Lots of magic. That is, if you use them. Simply click the buttons below to see what we mean. Or call us at 1-800-755-IDEA for more information...

Awake at the Wheel: Mitch Ditkoff's new book on innovation and the creative process. Free the Genie: A deck of 55 cards to jump start creative thinking (and doing) Innovation Kit):  Tools, tips, and techniques to help you innovate
Ingenuity Bank:  Enterprise-wide idea management software with a twist A graphically compelling set of five creative thinking guidebooks Heart of Innovation:  Our cool, new blog. Inspiration, tips, tools, and resources.
Free the Genie games:  Five online games to spark cool ideas and breakthroughs Articles and Rants: Inspiration, provocation, and ahas for aspiring innovators Guidelines for creating a culture of innovation in the workplace. PDF Download.

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